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Collection of the most tolerable tweets from the private 011753 twitter account. I believe this is what you call "cringe" in america
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12:49 PM · Dec 8, 2020
we’ll be just fine we’ll be just fine listen to your heart and we’ll be just fine it’ll be alright it’ll be alright
not a very entertaining tweet i'm just using it as an excuse to link this song that i rediscovered while making this page and that i still really like
1:43 AM · Dec 11, 2020
kokichi kins
what the fuck
1:49 PM · Dec 14, 2020
1:35 AM · Dec 16, 2020
laurent wauquiez quand les républicains on eu 8.5%
3:22 AM · Dec 26, 2020
all i want for christmas is
was on my cringe but free period apparently
12:10 AM · Jan 5, 2021
watching jerma choking on fries
6:32 PM · Jan 12, 2021 from Versailles, France
6:50 PM · Jan 19, 2021
first kill me baby related tweet on this account. the beginning my downfall, if you will
9:18 PM · Feb 1, 2021
im da scramnpan
7:50 PM · Mar 19, 2021
12:42 PM · Mar 24, 2021
this is huge untapped lore for the sonya piss community
11:44 PM · Apr 5, 2021
cannot have that in full. miss the days when this was a plausible thing to think
10:15 PM · Apr 11, 2021
i posted these on priv before my main and i still went totally blind on the "what are on"... this whole ordeal is really badly syntaxed this is why i don't try english translations no more
2:31 AM · Apr 24, 2021
there is another 30 seconds of this i was probly on some alternative shit that day
6:31 PM · Apr 27, 2021
i'm angry. this clown hozonsui couldn't go six chapters in without making a cat cafe and loli proxénète. insane but not in a good way. (kaduho is insane in a good way)
10:00 PM · Apr 30, 2021
holy shit omori
10:05 AM · May 5, 2021
scrolling an art hashtag like this seems... dangerous..
either i really missjudged / grouped a lot of this community or she's indeed taking big risks
insane person tweet
4:03 PM · May 13, 2021
"what are we? some kinda sucide squad?"
happy to report that i haven't opened this app for 2 months 😇🕊
10:32 PM · May 18, 2021
just realized i don’t have any personality traits apart from hating cookie☆.... imma need a minute...
its a really long minute
1:45 AM · May 19, 2021
it comforts me to know, that someone somewhere is getting ratioed
12:56 PM · Jun 5, 2021
apart from that hks2tfC is still very good cringe i know but i'm not going to lie
11:36 PM · Jun 5, 2021
sonya would KILL for a snickers right now
11:28 AM · Jun 14, 2021
jarvis locate sonya screencaps

jarvis locate yakisobscans headquarters

ok jarvis initiate crawler
2:44 AM · Jun 17, 2021
i solemnly swear never to make a ytpmv
this is my one tweet that matters
2:50 AM · Jun 26, 2021
instinctive reaction to this drawing gg kmb community :100:
1:10 AM · Jun 27, 2021
2:44 AM · Aug 7, 2021
OMORI BURGER???!!?!? OMORI FUCKING BURGER?!?!?!?!?          !?!?!!?!?? Youve GOT to be kidding me this is a ficking troll i cant go on no more
this was followed by an horribly cringe audio tweet of me saying some bullshit of the sort then struggling to say "omori burger" for about 45 seconds (i have a really hard time pronouncing the "ri" syllable so i just ended up saying omo-oui). life gets you like that sometimes
1:21 AM · Aug 10, 2021
guys what the fuck is going on with the kinda cute yasunas that shit aint right if shes not ugly af shes not a true yasuna there is some clear caper going on
6:26 PM · Aug 24, 2021
ça c'est pas faux
9:28 PM · Jul 31, 2021
to put the final nail in my coffin if this account leaks out i DO think agiri looks kinda hot in this panel maybe im the only one then so be it

11:57 PM · Aug 25, 2021
i'm fucked
i know i know this not something to say, but. these panels have friendlier energy than most yasunas and sonyas. im sorry. if i HAD to ankwardly pat the back of one of the three i would go for agiri IM NOT AN AGIRI FAN I SWEAER