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28/08/21: update

i wasn't planning on doing anything for 600 but things coincided so i guess i am. of course the big piece here is the cringe compilation (and the image change if i get around to doing that) but i added the sonya doc as a bonus, hope it's good. cheers.

12/06/21: five hundo

yeah i'm not even gonna lie to you: that video is quite shite. i'll blame it on the unexpected time constraints that caught me by surprise, and i'll try to do a better one when i get back home
anyways, thanks to the bots and people for visiting, i appreciate it. cya

29/04/21: couple of things yeah

not really an "update" update per say but clearing up a couple of things:
  • drawings got moved to dirtserver page
  • there is a journal page but it's offically cringe and unbased don't go to it
  • i really wanna remove most pages since they don't fill a purpose but i won't cuz it already looks empty
  • also we hitting four hunned soon so that's cool thank you (i expect that the counter is fucking up a wee bit bc i always use incognito mode so maybe it's recognizing me multiple times) anyways that's it bye besties :bangbang:

    8/03/21: new pages!

    it's been a while.. i haven't done much for the website for a couple of months, but we passed 300 visits! that's very awesome
    anyways, i finally got around adding new pages! their titles are pretty self-explanatory: "product pics" has product pics, "drawings" has drawings. i find putting things like that online quite embarassing, but feeling bad about my website being empty took the better of me. i also added a link to my skyblog bc why the hell not.
    alright, im off! take care!

    04/01/21: 200visits!!: new cover image!

    thank you all so much for visiting my website! i really appreciate it!
    i changed the cover image... i think it's worst now, but Oh Well, can't do much abt it. when imagining this website i actually wanted to do a photoshoot, to get a picture that kinda looks like this one (with me ofc), but i clearly don't have the means for that. (...yet?)
    in the meantime, thank you again for coming here & reading this! you are one of not many...

    03/01/21: Added News

    i thought this would be a good way to track the evolution of the website. i'll leave an update every once in a while if im not lazy. the code is a pure bodge idk how it works